Send Money

eSewa Wallet Load

Instantly forward money to the beneficiary’s eSewa wallet in a matter of minutes.

With eSewa Money Transfer, the sender will have the additional option to send the amount directly in beneficiary’s eSewa Wallet in real-time.

eSewa Wallet Load
eSewa Wallet Load
Receive Money

eSewa Wallet Load

Instantly receive money to your eSewa wallet.

On eSewa app, the beneficiary will have to tap on the Remittance icon to avail wallet pickup service

Tap on eSewa Remit, then Receive Money

  1. Select Nepal from country dropdown menu
  2. Enter 10 digit MTCN/PIN provided by the sender
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Tap proceed button

Submit the form above after entering all fields correctly, and receive your payout amount

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