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Cash Pickup

eSewa Money Transfer offers a diversified model of world-class remittance service to Nepalese around the world.

Send money from over 12,000+ payout locations spread across Nepal and service offerings worldwide.

Bring along valid or government issued ID (For example: Citizenship, Driving License, Passport etc) and make sure personal information of beneficiary is correct.

Make sure to fill all the required information mentioning the correct amount/transaction fees.

Share the unique control ID provide by our agents to your beneficiary for cash pick-up.

Cash Pickup
Cash Pickup
Receive Money

Cash Pickup

You can receive your payout amount in a matter of minutes by visiting your preferred eSewa remit location.

Collect your cash from over 8000 payout locations spread across Nepal.

Bring along the control ID provided by the sender and fill out the required form. Show valid or government issued ID to the EMT agent and receive your funds right away.

Domestic and international cash transactions can also be received in eSewa wallet. Beneficiary will also get instant cashback of Rs. 55 when he/she receives cash transactions sent from abroad directly into their eSewa wallet. 

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