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Send Money to Nepal Within Minutes

Esewa Money Transfer helps you to receive money in Nepal sent from abroad within minutes. On average every international transaction is processed within 3-5 minutes. As we move along with the vision of digitalization of remittance in the Nepalese economy, we have partnered with the remittance giants like MoneyGram, Ria Money Transfer, Remitly, WireBarley, WorldRemit, Small World, etc around the world. These partnerships allow the Nepalese migrants to send cash remittances in Nepal or to send money to any bank accounts in Nepal or load eSewa wallet, within minutes.

Our main objective is to process the transactions as fast as possible and reduce the cost of moving money. Our international partnerships, which prioritize the digital practice of remittance, have allowed us to provide the best processing time for all digital transactions. Similarly, we also help to provide the possible lowest fees to send money for the Nepalese migrants around the world.

We specialize in three modes of transactions namely; cash, bank, and wallet.

1) Cash: Beneficiaries can visit our 8000+ payout locations spread across the country to receive the cash remittance.

2) Bank: Senders can send money to any bank accounts in Nepal within minutes.

3) Wallet: Senders can directly load the beneficiary's eSewa wallet in Nepal. Similarly, the cash remittance can also be directly loaded in the eSewa wallet using the "Remittance>Receive Money" feature of the eSewa wallet.