Frequently Asked Questions

For Cash Pickup Transactions Please Ensure:

  1. Beneficiary has the correct Pin/MTCN number.
  2. Beneficary name is correct as per their valid ID.
  3. Beneficiary contact number is correct, so that our customer service representatives can inform the beneficiary for call and pay service. 
  4. Beneficiary presents the valid ID to our agent while receiving cash.

For Bank Deposit Services Please Ensure:

  1. Account number provided to us is correct.
  2. Associated account name is correct.

For eSewa Wallet Load Services Please Ensure

  1. Provided mobile number is regitered and varified with eSewa Wallet.

Beneficiary will get an instant cashback of NPR 55 if they receive their international cash transaction directly into their eSewa Wallet. For more details: Cashback offer NPR 77


Send money from eSewa money transfer using eSewa wallet and receive cash back up to 50

Sending Amount Cash Back
1-10,000 NPR 30
10,001-25,000 NPR 40
25,001-1,00,000 NPR 50


Inform agent immediately and agent will send cancellation request to EMT head office.

Transaction once paid cannot be recalled.

No, cancellation fee is not charged by eSewa Money Transfer.

Yes, you can track your transactions by checking payment status thorugh our Payment Tracker 

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