Esewa Money Transfer

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

At the time of making transactions our agents will have to put in details of the sender including appropriate documents and ID number into the system. While receiving the money the receiver must also furnish his/her identity document which will be scanned and saved into the system. Those information must mandatorily be provided to eSewa money transfer. On a side note those browsing eSewa money transfer website may be asked to submit their information from time to time such as their name, occupation, address, contact number and so forth but it is not compulsory and viewers may or may not chose to supply the information.

How We Use the Information?

The information gathered by eSewa money transfer from its users, consumers, and stakeholders will be specifically used for processing transaction, improving safety mechanism of the system, for smoothening sending and receiving process, for internal auditing, for streamlining customer service, designing marketing campaigns and for safeguarding AML and CFT Policy

How we protect the information?

eSewa money transfer makes sure that collected information is stored in a database with backup facility to avoid losses or misuse. Data is accessible to only authorized personnel. Sensitive data such as password is encrypted and even authorized user do not have access to it, all data are transmitted across secure channel.

Whom do we share the information with?

Once we acquire your data and information those are property of eSewa money transfer. eMT reserves the right to relay the information between our affiliates and to create appropriate product and services for our customers and stakeholders. We may be required to share information to government regulating agencies as per the laws and regulations.

When do we report to regulating agencies ?

In case during our analysis of dataset and during our internal audit sessions we find any discrepancies it becomes our duty to share the dataset to appropriate regulating agencies.