Enjoy Rs. 100 Bonus with eSewa Money Transfer and Remitly! - Featured Image

Enjoy Rs. 100 Bonus with eSewa Money Transfer and Remitly!

eSewa Money Transfer has introduced a scheme where the receiver back home in Nepal can enjoy an attractive bonus of Nrs 100 on transactions sent to eSewa wallet from Remitly.To be eligible for the bonus, the sender has to choose "eSewa" as the wallet option while sending money from any country of Remitly.

Terms and Conditions:

1.       The Offer will be valid from 31st July 2022, 12: 00 AM (Nepal time) and ending on 31st December 2022, 11:59 PM (Nepal time), both days inclusive (“Offer Period”);
2.       Rs. 100 bonuses shall be applicable on eSewa wallet load through eSewa Money Transfer based upon the below terms:
·       Remittance transactions must have been completed through Remitly from any country across the World.
·       Rs. 100 bonuses shall be applicable only on a maximum of two transactions each during the month of November and December.
·       Remittance transactions must be with a minimum net payout amount of NPR 10,000.
·       The bonus amount shall be credited after receiving remittances from abroad.
·       The beneficiaries’ eSewa wallet account must be active during the time of bonus load.

3. eSewa Money Transfer reserves the right to review and/or cancel the terms and conditions of this campaign in case of suspicious activity and events beyond control without prior information to any

4. For Mero Digital Desh Campaign, go to the link- https://t.ly/S-Qh