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Simplify Your Remittance Experience: How eSewa Money Transfer Streamlines Your Transaction 

Remittance has been an important aspect of Nepal’s economy. According to the data from the census taken in 2021, there are more than 2.1 million Nepalis living abroad. The number represents 7.4% of the total population. With the huge numbers of people living outside the country, the inflow of remittance is also increasing exponentially. As per reports from Nepal Rastra Bank, the inflow of remittance stood at Rs. 1.007 trillion in 2022. With the significant increase in the inflow of remittance, it has contributed to 20.8% of Nepal’s GDP in 2022. As more people travel abroad seeking employment, remittances have become even more important to Nepal's economy in recent years. 

According to the official figures, in the first five months of the current fiscal year, 347,340 new and re-entry labor permits were issued. The spokesperson of Nepal Rastra Bank, Gunakar Bhatta, stated that the rise in remittance earnings has been attributed to the increased number of Nepalis going abroad. As large numbers of people are going abroad for work opportunities, there is no doubt that the inflow of remittance will increase exponentially in the coming days.

Sending Money Across Border Is Tedious Process 

People who have left the country for foreign employment want to send some of their hard-earned money to their loved ones living in Nepal. The process of sending and receiving money across borders is very complex. In earlier days when remittance was not introduced, people used to send money through a trusted person who is traveling back home. While sending money through a trusted person, there is a chance that one can get betrayed by the person entrusted.

After formal remittance services were introduced, it has become easier for people to send money to their loved ones. The traditional methods of remittance would involve high fees, long processing times, and complicated paperwork. As a result, sending money via traditional remittance is not always a reliable process. 

With the improvement in digital technology, sending money across the border has been much easier. The advent of digital technology has initiated more convenient and cost-effective ways to send and receive money. In the context of Nepal, there are a number of remittance companies providing the service across the nation. Among them, eSewa Money Transfer is one the leading remittance companies in Nepal providing a reliable solution for international money transfer.

What is eSewa Money Transfer? 

eSewa Money Transfer is one of the fastest-growing and leading digital remittance companies in Nepal that allows users to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. One of the key features of eSewa Money Transfer is its ability to offer low fees and competitive exchange rates, making it a cost-effective solution for remittance. In addition, eSewa Money Transfer is fast and reliable, with transactions typically processed within minutes.  

To make the remittance process smoother, it has partnered with global remittance companies like Remitly, MoneyGram, Ria Money Transfer, WireBarley, WorldRemit, etc. Through these collaborations, Nepalese migrants working abroad can easily send remittances to Nepal using different transaction modes including Cash, Bank, and Wallet.

How eSewa Money Transfer Streamlines Your Transaction 

The main objective of eSewa Money Transfer, a leading digital remittance company in Nepal is to provide a fast, secure, and reliable way to send money to Nepal reducing the cost of moving money. With our partnership with giant remittance companies, we are aiming to provide the best processing time for all digital and cash transactions.

Convenient Payment Options 

eSewa Money Transfer offers several payment options to make the process more convenient for users. It usually offers three modes of transactions including cash pick up, bank deposit, and load eSewa wallet. While choosing cash pickup as receiving option, users can visit 112,000+ eSewa Money Transfer payout agents, spread across Nepal. During the time of receiving the money, the user has to bring a valid id issued by Nepal Government to make sure the personal information of the beneficiary is correct. In addition to this, the sender will also share a unique control id provided by our agent to the receiver. The receiver has to share the unique code at a cash payout location while receiving the payment. 

In addition to this, the sender can send money directly to bank accounts or load the amount to the beneficiary’s eSewa wallet in Nepal. By using digital remittance processes like sending money directly to a bank account and eSewa wallet, the receiver will receive the fund in real-time. Moreover, it is an easier and less time-consuming process compared to cash pickup, since there is no need to rely on an agent to collect the remittance. Also, the cost is much lesser when the transactions are done in a bank account and wallet, as compared to cash transactions. 

Fast and Reliable Transactions 

eSewa Money Transfer prides itself on its fast and reliable transaction processing services. While receiving money through cash pickup, a receiver can go to the nearest pickup point from the 112000+ eSewa Money Transfer agents spread across Nepal. Thus, you don’t have to travel far distances to receive money. The transactions are normally processed within minutes. Additionally, it gives users a real-time update on the status of their transaction making it a reliable way to send money. Likewise, sending money directly to a bank account or eSewa wallet is also easier and less time-consuming. eSewa Money Transfer provides real-time deposit with account validation service with more than 80+ BFIs. Secure Platform 

eSewa Money Transfer takes the security of its platform as its highest priority. The platform uses advanced encryption technology which protects users' personal and financial information. In addition, eSewa Money Transfer is regulated by Nepal Rastra Bank, ensuring that it complies with all necessary regulations and standards. 

Choose eSewa Money Transfer for International Money Transfer 

Money transfer across borders can be a difficult and time-consuming process. With the improvement in digital technology, there are now more convenient and economical alternatives to remitting money. eSewa Money Transfer offers fast, reliable, secured transactions at an economic rate for its users. 

eSewa Money Transfer makes it simpler for people to send and receive money, regardless of where they are in the world. Whether you are sending money to support family members or paying for goods and services, eSewa Money Transfer can streamline your transaction and provide a hassle-free experience.

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